The Power of Human Touch… The connection it holds from exchanging energy with the intent to heal… from my hands to your being. The connection and stimulus it provides to your nerve receptors and neurons, transmitting energy as a conduit of love and purpose. It is safe to say, we were all conceived through a form of human touch. By loving hands or force: the involvement of touch began in our very creation and continues to resonate in our every day lives. The way our mothers soothed us in the womb, or being exposed in unsafe environments, through the various vibrations we have been exposed to, touch has evolved us into how we physically stand today. Yes, literally how you stand, walk and perform every movement your body has been trained to do since you were born. Touch can do wonders. Touch can also do harm. It can be used as a device of love or a weapon to perform abuse… but most importantly, through therapeutic, healing intentions, it can help those in pain, physically and mentally. Human touch is human connection and to live a meaningful, happy life, we need to have caring, loving, and healthy connections with one another, that can in turn manifest to our spiritual, physical and emotional healing as beings.

“When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.”

From when we were infants learning to move our muscles, to crawl, walk, run and regular movement within your entire body. Some of us are more or less developed than the another. Every step, contraction, fall, bump, injury, incorrect body position, mental thought, emotion, and physical stress then gets added daily, one on top of another. With the lack of proper stretching, movement or physical fitness and therapy, poor posture has created our current physical situation. Even the most physically fit adult needs consistent alignment and balance for proper maintenance.

Sound mind, sound body, sound soul…

The brain is the “central nervous system” which means it carries over hundreds of messages to and from different parts of our bodies. Needless to say, every nerve that we have is connected to the brain. If our mind is full of endless thoughts, comprised of good/positive, bad/negative, stress, anxiousness, excitement, and on and on… what kind of added sensory overload would pain have to do in relation to your “central nervous system”? Most likely add more tension, pressure, literally and figuratively to your brain which is sometimes also called a “headache”… Lastly, lets add the pain messages that any given part of your body is also firing away messages to and from the brain, which is only adding more stimuli to the “central nervous system”… it’s not wonder so many of us are up over our heads! Literally.

Think about the power of a hug. Whether you’re sad and need comfort, embracing over a special moment, or arms wrapped around a loved one… think about how that simple gesture can really make things better. The kind of feeling it feeds your soul. Those are the endorphins being recruited and what help bring a sense of comfort, safety, love and appreciation that washes over you. That is a simple example of what the power of touch can do.

So if we can ease the mind, which then allows us to physically relax, our renewed mind-body connection will be the catalyst to a rejuvenated soul.

“When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.”

I love this quote so much because it really speaks to me. Although I am professionally trained and licensed in my field… I know there is infinite knowledge out there that I still have yet to explore and expand on. However, I feel so blessed to find this path in the most organic way since I was always fascinated with being an active child, athlete and fitness geek. Just based on my own innate intuition via touch, as well as my own body awareness, I have been gifted to
bring relief and comfort to those who experience pain on an ongoing or momentary basis. I have received similar testaments, feedback and comments from numerous walks of life and from each end of the financial spectrum, which has no differentiation to what they felt during my treatments and identifying this very necessary need.