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"Your body is your unconscious mind."- Dr. Joe Dispenza

Myo Evolution is not just a massage practice. It's more that that. It is a holistic, energy healing, pain and stress management practice that invites the client to become more aware of their physical and emotional state. When we address the mind-body connection, it connects us to something deeper. Healing is an active requirement. Conscious healing asks us to be an active participant in our journey. Every single one of us. Healing is not solely passive. Through mindful coaching and educating the client regarding their physical and mental wellbeing based on their current circumstances or past experiences. Clients discover and learn simple yet effective solution based practices such as our trademark program, The Kinect Method that they can incorporate in their daily lives. Clients will not only receive a deeply healing treatment, but walk away empowered and educated to further along their progress for a more sustainable lifestyle, mobility, vitality and quality of life.

This is why Angie strongly believes and incorporates the mind body connection through body work AND life coaching. By raising awareness with her clients. Truly delivering a holistic approach to healing as a way to address the root cause of most people's pain and suffering. The mind. With the pressures of life: unhealed or suppressed emotions, stress with work, family, relationships and the demands we put on ourselves. The energetic and emotional force we hold on to is exactly what the mind and body need to be released.

Established in 2016 and 20 years of experience. Myo Evolution first began as a culmination of Angie's experiences dealing with injuries of her own, growing up as an athlete, some formal education and well over a decade of hands-on experience to this approach with massage. Combining all the most effective modalities she’s learned from myofascial release, trigger point therapy, acupressure, active release techniques, stretching and breath work. In addition her highly intuitive nature adds a level of intention that set her work apart. All with the goal of helping others achieving relief and lasting results.

After 14 years of combined experience providing excellence in bodywork at spas, health clubs, and medical clinics. The problems seemed to be constant cases of acute-chronic low back, neck/shoulder pain and muscle stiffness/imbalances. Angie realized there needed to be more than a cookie cutter routine, one-size-fits all protocol. Each body part needed its own dedicated time and attention, particularly dealing with injures or ongoing pain to efficiently deliver results the client desired.

That is when she decided to branch out on her own and create a custom, curated service for those very needs. Myo Evolution was created in 2017 as it continues to evolve today. Which is the very essence to growth.


Meet the Owner

Angie Wong, LMT & ICF Certified Life Coach

Intuitive Energy Healer • Reiki Holy Fire I & II • Functional Patterns Human Foundations Practitioner • Medical Cannabis Practitioner Plant Medicine Facilitator • 20+ years experience

Angie continues to learn and grow in the space of healing both professionally and in her personal life. Since being licensed as a massage therapist, she is currently certified as a life coach, reiki holy fire, functional patterns human foundations practitioner, cannabis practitioner, and currently studying qi gong to offer an extension of bringing mind-body awareness as another tool to allow her clients to reach next level results in their lives.

"Growing up I always had a passion in helping others. I was an athlete, playing competitive soccer and currently remain active through my adult life. I have experienced multiple injuries and the needed work which aided my own ongoing recovery. I had a natural gift prior to my education that sparked my interest in the health and wellness field so I developed my innate skill.

My clients range from all walks of life including a list of A-list celebrities through the tv, film, music and entertainment industry. Professional athletes, dancers and high level professionals from all walks of life, the disabled, lgbtq communities, child/teen athletes, and every one in between. My clientele is a highly diversified group that requires high level care and healing regardless of social or financial background. I love what I do. I am deeply honored and humbled to bring a unique healing style to the table- literally.

Besides practicing as a healer, I find the entire healing arts fascinating. I indulge in reading mostly self help books, attend personal development workshops, advocate for my own and others spiritual awakening, frequent sound healing, breathwork, meditation, writing, innovating programs and products in the healing space, love music, believe that intentional movement is medicine, involve myself that include being active, and making a positive social impact in this world. Hence how I got deeper into healing, life coaching and energy work. 

It is my calling to spread awareness and light in a time where healing is needed the most in our day and age. Welcome. Nice to meet you."