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Established in 2016 and 18 years of experience. Myo Evolution first began as a culmination of Angie's experiences dealing with injuries of her own, growing up as an athlete, some formal education and well over a decade of hands-on experience to this approach with massage. Combining all the most effective modalities she’s learned from myofascial release, trigger point therapy, active release techniques and stretching. All with the goal of helping others achieving pain relief and lasting results.

After 14 years of combined experience providing excellence in bodywork at spas, health clubs, and medical clinics, the problems seemed to be constant cases of acute-chronic low back, neck/shoulder pain and muscle stiffness/imbalances. Angie realized there needed to be more than a cookie cutter routine, one-size-fits all protocol. Each body part needed its own dedicated time and attention, particularly dealing with injures or ongoing pain to efficiently deliver results the client desired.

That is when she decided to branch out on her own and create a custom, curated service for those very needs. Myo Evolution was started.

In March of 2020, she got certified as an ontological, ecological, mindful life coach to offer an extension of bringing mind-body awareness as another tool to allow her clients next level, goal oriented results in their lives.

Meet the Business Owner/Therapist

Angie Wong, L.M.T. & ICF Certified Life Coach

CBD/THC Medical Cannabis Practitioner • Energy Healer • 18 years of experience

Growing up I always had a passion in helping others. I was an athlete and remain active through my adult life. I have experienced sprained both ankles/wrist, overworked tight muscles, back pain and the needed work which aided my own ongoing recovery. I had a natural gift prior to my education that sparked my interest in the health and wellness field so I developed my innate skill.

After graduating in 2002, I got my license as a massage therapist. Through my experience, I have worked in high-end spas from the Beverly Hilton, Mr. C Hotel, Sofitel, luxury health clubs such as Equinox and under medical practices in chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture.

My clients range from professional-everyday athletes, professional-amateur dancers, celebrities, paraplegic/quadriplegic, elderly and everyone else in between. I love what I do and bring a unique healing style to the table- literally.

Besides practicing as a bodyworker, I find the entire healing arts fascinating. I indulge in reading mostly self help books, personal development, spiritual awakening, sound healing, kundalini yoga, meditation, writing, innovating products in the healing space, music, movement, all things that include being active, and making a positive social impact in this world. Hence how I got deeper into healing, life coaching and energy work. 

Spread more love and light. Touching lives and heal the world in a time where healing is needed the most in our day and age.


Words can't express the gratitude I feel for you. You are a true therapist and healer! After receiving your massage I could feel the positive structural rebalance and healing that has begun within my body & its systems. It is because of your God given gift that I was able to get pain relief and have a better vacation on my visit to was great connecting with you and I'm so glad God lead me to you. I've had massages all over the world but none as pain relieving and realigning as the two I received from you! Keep being the light you are and sharing great communication, techniques and love in this world, we need you Angie!! 

Changing the world one body at a time!!‍

Sel C. Dearborn Heights, MI

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