About Myo

Why Myo Evolution?

Myo Evolution is the entity, company named, or contributor in the movement of today's evolutionary wellness, starting with massage therapy and evolved into a Medical Cannabis treatment based practice. Utilizing the healing medicine and benefits of a natural plant, the power of touch, desire for human connection, healing of self along with others, and treating others with compassion and kindness are the core values it stands for.

Myo Evolution stands for the evolutionary changes of our musculoskeletal structure from birth and through our entire lives. The body is ever changing and developing. It records every movement. Good and bad. If bad, we develop poor posture and weak muscles. Therefore, causing one heightened amount of pain and discomfort, which one will then need a therapeutic massage to help treat, reverse, avoid, or manage a healthy and supportive musculoskeletal system to protect our physical beings from living a physically deprived and limited lifestyle in constant pain. 

Individuals dealing with daily pain tend to abuse pain pills or prescription drugs and develop a dependency which can also lead to other health problems. That reason alone presented a solution for a more natural path. This is how the idea of incorporating CBD oil as part of the pain management was brought in, during the healing sessions.

An advanced combination of natural medicine and manual therapy.


CBD infused Medical Massages for treatments dealing with chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, injuries and illnesses. Contemporary, natural healing. Medical Marijuana Practitioner. Sports Massage/Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy/Stretch Therapist/Mobility. NASM Personal Trainer.