A Holistic Approach: Energy Healing

What does "Myo Evolution" mean? 

Myo is the root word for muscle. Evolution is the ongoing process and changes. Our body repeats movement patterns to progress from being out of alignment into alignment, or being in alignment and falling out of alignment. The body is in constant change so the goal here is to stay consistently aligned: mind, body, and soul. Ultimately bringing back balance where it is lacking. Restoring ease from dis-ease. When we are out of balance and harmony, we are not in peace or in homeostasis. Which is why myofascial release is the first part in addressing pain relief. Following that is to educate by incorporating proper engagement by focusing on the bodywork where the corrective strengthening is introduced and integrated.

With holistic approaches in regards to wellness, starting with the body in this case. Since the body is what is signaling pain sensations, we are cued to book a massage session. Physical pain is not always rooted from wear and tear of overuse to our bodies. But more so where our state of mind is emotionally and mentally. Our minds are an energetic warehouse that feeds into our physical state. Therefore if your energy/thoughts/emotions are not clear or released/suppressed, your mind will always bring the body back to flight or fight. Stress inducing chemicals (cortisol) and the constant state of living in survival or fear. This is why aspects of coaching is needed to aide in the release of such patterns of the mind. It's literally learning to reprogram your old wiring and replacing old patterns of thinking, doing or being into thoughts and actions that will align towards next level results. 

"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done." - Thomas Jefferson 

In addition, this is why by infusing natural plant medicines, such as CBD for added healing benefits. It offers an extra layer of relaxation, calm, as well as pain reduction and inflammation both external (topicals, oils, creams or salves) and internal (tinctures, capsules or edibles). With the use and abuse of pain killers and medications across the board, CBD and medical grade cannabis used with intention and proper dosage can be a healthier, non addictive and gentler alternative. Individuals dealing with daily pain tend to abuse pain pills or prescription drugs and develop a dependency which can also lead to other health problems. That reason alone presented a solution for a more natural path. This is how the idea of incorporating CBD oil as part of pain management was brought in.

Mindful coaching, is an added service to enhance ones own awareness of "self' and behaviors/patterns both physical and mental so we can heal those deep conscious and subconscious wounds. Typically these wounds stem from childhood, post traumatic events in any stage of our lives and the added stresses of the world. These conscious and unconscious (hidden) patterns virtually create our posture. As well as an extension of our reality. So in order to get out of our own way, we must learn to self regulate and reinventing ourselves in the present moment. That leads to a more fulfilling, lighter and brighter future. Creating possibilities that one never saw possible, now possible. By utilizing the healing power of touch, natural medicine, human connection via deep listening and presence to hold space, the act and art of healing the self and self with others is what becomes available.

Myo Evolution stands for the evolutionary changes of our musculoskeletal structure from birth and through our entire lives, which include the mind. The mind and body is ever changing and developing. Which is what is so amazing at what it can achieve when given the proper tools and applications on a consistent basis. Together, we can restore, rebuild and regain a new path with a treatment plan to deliver you from pain and into your most healed self.

An advanced combination of connection, guidance, healing energy, natural medicine, coaching and manual therapy. 


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