Hands-On Approach with a Dose of CBD

Before each session, the client will take an oral dose of medical grade CBD oil. This has absolutely no psychoactivity effects. Just pure relaxation and bliss…

The techniques used are a mixture of trigger point therapy, acupressure, myofascial release, sports massage, deep tissue and stretching to achieve relief, increase the range of motion, improve flexibility/mobility functions, reduce stress/anxiety, and achieve overall wellness for the mind-body connection.

Each session is custom designed for each individual needs to significantly reduce immediate pain, achieve proper alignment, correct poor posture, and just plain feeling better than they did coming in.

*Prenatal massage and other modalities such as Swedish Circulatory may be offered at request*

 Massage Hours

By Appointment Only
 Mon 12pm - 9pm
 Tue  12pm - 9pm
Wed  12pm - 9pm
Thu   12pm - 9pm
 Fri    12pm - 9pm
 Sat  12pm - 9pm
 Sun  Closed


8000 W Sunset Blvd  Ste B-200, Studio 22 West Hollywood, CA 90046 Hollywood Hills West

Phone: (310) 853-3490