Hands-On Approach with a Dose of CBD
The techniques used in sessions are a mixture of trigger point therapy, acupressure, myofascial release, sports massage, deep tissue and active release. Customized approach per individuals needs to achieve relief, increase range of motion, improve flexibility/mobility functions, reduce stress/anxiety, and achieve overall wellness for the mind-body connection. 
Angie terms her style as an "Intouchional Massage" which is basically a highly intuitive, intentional touch massage.
Sessions involve a mini lesson on educating clients about their level of awareness in their emotional-physical state. Clients typically leave feeling more knowledgeable within their own imbalances and a game plan on how to achieve their goals in living more pain free and getting out of these cycles and patterns that put them there in the first place.

Each session is custom designed for each individual needs to significantly reduce immediate pain, hence incorporating CBD before the session begins to address inflammation in the body. Teaching them techniques on how to achieve proper alignment and correct poor posture, by means of empowerment using self massage techniques via online or in person classes and incorporating the functional patterns methodology. 
Hyper Ice Hypervolt Percussive Device
In addition to manual therapy application, the Hypervolt Plus by HyperIce is another form of therapy using percussive technology. Used to break up scar tissue, stiff/tight muscles and more advanced active release techniques to achieve optimal results for your pain relieving needs. Typically combined with manual therapy. However, individuals who may prefer this approach with concerns about skin to skin contact or transfer, Percussive Massage can be performed without removing any clothing, and minimum human contact. 

*Prenatal massage and other modalities such as Swedish Circulatory may be offered at request*

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