"Words can't express the gratitude I feel for you. You are a true therapist and healer! After receiving your massage I could feel the positive structural re-balance and healing that has begun within my body & its systems. It is because of your God given gift that I was able to get pain relief and have a better vacation on my visit to LA...it was great connecting with you and I'm so glad God lead me to you. I've had massages all over the world but none as pain relieving and realigning as the two I received from you! Keep being the light you are and sharing great communication, techniques and love in this world, we need you Angie!! You are greatly appreciated, 

See you soon

Changing the world one body at a time!!‍"

 -Sel C., Dearborn Heights, MI


"Her room setup is exceptionally clean and tranquil, however where Angie did shine was in her Mastery of Massage. She dedicated the entire 60 minutes to the injured site and surrounding areas. The following day I can report there was a definite decrease in swelling that I had surrounding my knee cavity.
I will continue my sessions with Angie as a compliment to my rehabilitation period and no doubt beyond that period for my health and wellbeing.
As a professional CMT, without hesitation I can say, "go ahead and make a booking for your first session with Angie"

-Shane H., West Hollywood


"Angie is amazing! I've tried a lot of different massages but nothing like this one. I have problems with my neck and shoulders and they're very sensitive, this was no problem for Angie because she has amazing hands and knows how to read your body and work with you. I feel so much better now and will be returning to her! Finally, I found the perfect person to get a massage with! No more searching around, love your energy and personality Angie. Thank you!"

-Alexandra I., Los Angeles


I looked up Angie because of her knowledge in physical therapy and was sold after reading reviews and finding out she uses CBD oils/cremes for her massages. I came in yesterday after a tough day at work and a week of stress behind me. She was sweet, friendly and accommodating in every possible way. Once the session began she started going in spots I never thought could be affecting me but were. Shes very knowledgeable and is always willing to help. its her calling she loves to help and I loved that about her. I'm definitely going to be coming back because shes just heaven sent, a true miracle worker. I left in an amazing mood, shoot I was dancing and I don't even dance!

-Draek M. Los Angeles, CA


Today I had a 90 minutes massage from Angie. I was absolutely impressed with her massage techniques and her professionalism. I'm a bodybuilder and have been looking for a massage therapist for a while. My Coaches kept telling me that I must get a massage to prevent my body from breaking down. I finally found the therapist I was looking for. She knew how to put the right amount of pressure and the right stretching to get my muscles to let go and relax. She was courteous, Professional and delivered the best massage that I so needed. She was respectful of appropriate boundaries. I plan on getting a package to have an ongoing massage. I would recommend Angie Wong at Myo Evolution for Excellent Professional massage.

-Ben L. West Hollywood, CA


When I first met Angie, I didn't know that she was a massage therapist.  It was her friendly and confident personality that drew me to her.  I booked a 90-minute appointment as I hadn't been for a massage in quite some time and my muscles were very tight and sore.  Angie was masterful at providing a deep tissue massage!  She started slowly and added pressure over time -- releasing the serious tension that had developed in my neck and shoulders.  After my massage, I felt great!  I didn't have any aches or soreness that typically comes a day or two after a deep tissue massage.  I would recommend Angie without reservation!

-Howard F. Los Angeles, CA 


Angie is hands-down one of the BEST massage therapists around. Her gift and talents exceed any expectation for pain relief and physical rehabilitation. She knows exactly where to go and what to do. She has an incredible intuition when doing her treatments and knows exactly how much pressure is needed to achieve results without causing more pain or discomfort. Angie is truly a therapist full of passion and love for what she does and helping others in so many ways. Highly recommend Angie!

-Leslie D. Redondo Beach, CA


Angie is exceptional at what she does.  Her knowledge and professionalism surpass many in the industry.  She goes above and beyond to address the problem and to make sure her clients feel better for the long term.  I have never experienced results that I get from Myo Evolution and I have been to many therapists suffering from chronic condition for 8 years.

-Angelique A. Toronto, Canada


Angie is REMARKABLE! She was actually "gifted" to me while I was undergoing chemo and radiation. Even through such a terribly strenuous time on my body Angie managed to make me feel as if I wasn't even sick. The most relaxing massage I've ever had.

-Stephanie A. Los Angeles, CA


A massage with Angie was a real treat, she was amazingly in tune with my body and her technique really relaxed me and I completely went on a journey while receiving her healing energy. She was able to work on the tightness in my body in a deep and soothing way which left me feeling so much lighter and happier after. Highly recommended

-Ava V. Mid-City West, Los Angeles, CA

I recently had my first massage from Angie at Myo Evolution and I was really pleased. Angie is a technically sound massage therapist, but what I liked was that she is really intuitive, and seemed to know exactly how much pressure to apply, taking it right to where the sweet spot was. Not too deep, but not too shallow. She just found the zone, and I haven't had many massage therapists who can do that. She also listens and asks questions, so it felt like she was really paying attention to what my physical issues are. I'll definitely be back.

-Kenneth D. San Francisco, CA

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