The Power of Human Touch

The Power of Human Touch

The connection that touch holds from exchanging energy with the intent to heal… from my hands to your being. The connection and stimulus it provides to your nerve receptors and neurons, transmitting energy as a conduit of love and purpose. It is safe to say, we were all conceived through a form of human touch. By loving hands or force: the involvement of touch began in our very creation and continues to resonate in our everyday lives. The way our mothers soothed us in the womb or being exposed to unsafe environments, through the various vibrations we have been exposed to, touch has evolved us into how we physically stand today. Yes, literally how you stand, walk and perform every movement your body has been trained to do since you were born. Touch can do wonders. Touch can also do harm. It can be used as a device of love or a weapon of abuse… but most importantly, through therapeutic, healing intentions, it can help those in pain, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Human touch is human connection and to live a meaningful, happy life, we need to have caring, loving, and healthy connections with one another, that can in turn manifest to our spiritual, physical and emotional healing as beings.

From when we were infants learning to move our muscles, to crawl, walk, run and regular movement within your entire body. Some of us are more or less developed than the another. Every step, contraction, fall, bump, injury, incorrect body position, mental thought, emotion, and physical stress then gets added daily, one on top of another. With the lack of proper stretching, movement or physical fitness and therapy, poor posture has created our current physical situation. Even the most physically fit adult needs consistent alignment and balance for proper maintenance.

Self care is the very basic need that we need as individuals to flourish and thrive.

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