Updates, Classes, and Current Offerings

Updates, Classes, and Current Offerings

Welcome and thank you for finding yourself here. My passion for bodywork and helping others in this practice the last 6 years and over 21 years of hands on experience in this industry, continues to grow. I am at a point in my career that is taking another pivotal shift. There comes a time in our lives, in our journey where new chapters begin. This is why I have blocked out my online booking availability at the moment to create a new vision I am just as passionate about and is truly an extension of what I do with bodywork and healing. 


As I continue to transition, I’m stepping into an educational phase of my career. You can find me guest teaching and facilitating at local yoga, dance studios, gyms and commercial spaces- particularly targeting corporate companies here in Los Angeles. However, all individuals are welcome. The schedule is posted on our “Classes” tab and subject to change locations, days and times. My realization behind these studio walls the last 6 years have allowed me to realize the work and awareness that is far needed out in the vast world, starting with my native city. 


So many of us are chronically overworked, highly stressed, extremely tight (particularly if you are like 90% of my clients who work a desk job, or sit for a long period of time), dehydrated and suffer from old injuries or mobility issues. And with these 5 major areas we collectively suffer from, there is a lack of knowledge on how to help our own needs. That is the reason I decided to create my new company, Kinect which is an educational platform hosted on an app and having in person/online classes readily available for clients to tune in and learn, heal and connect as a community. My massage (solo and partner) classes are just one of the many classes that will be taught. We focus on 8 areas in our lives: breath, mind, body, movement, self, other, nature and healing. In addition, we have a collective of very talented, heart centered practitioners from sound healers, energy healers, somatic/NLP coaches, nutritionists, fitness trainers, health coaches and mediation teachers. Our core teachings are rooted in mindfulness, awareness, empowerment and community. Each practitioner are successful solo practitioners in their field, which is why this collective was forged.


For so long being a solo entrepreneur, I realized, I too needed to have community where we can all come together along our healing journeys and inspire each other, despite wherever you are on your path. Healing is something that is near and dear to me. I see the deep calling in this manner and so it is my hope that you will join us on a quest to heal together. 

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