When you touch one thing with deep awareness...

When you touch one thing with deep awareness...

I love this quote so much because it really speaks to me. Human touch. A deep knowing in this very simple sensation most of us have access to. When I work with clients, often times, they give me a general idea of what pain they are experiencing. Though, many times, I only need to feel their body and feel the quality of their breath. Are they holding it? Is the breath shallow? Do they tense up or are they allowing their bodies to become heavy and fluid when I am performing my massage. 

As I navigate through, I can feel areas that need extra time and care. I know when I need to add pressure or when to back off. It is also important with the tempo of speed. If an area is tight and painful, it only makes sense to move slowly, especially if I need to go deeper. Clients need to feel my touch and feel safe as well as feel that they can breathe through the work, in order to release tension that has been neglected and built up through time.

Although I am professionally trained and licensed in my field… I know there is infinite knowledge out there that I still have yet to explore and expand on. 

However, I feel so blessed to find this path in the most organic way since I was always being an active child, athlete, and fitness advocate. Just based on my own innate intuition via touch, as well as my own body awareness, I have been gifted to bring relief and comfort to those who experience pain on an ongoing or momentary basis. I have received similar testaments, feedback, and comments from numerous walks of life and from each end of the financial spectrum, which has no differentiation to what they felt during my treatments and identifying this very necessary need. Connection. Care. Healing touch.

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