🌟 Introducing Kinect: Elevating Corporate Wellness 🌟

After dedicating over two decades of myofascial massage therapy here at Myo Evolution, I am thrilled to present, "Kinect" – a holistic approach to corporate wellness, aimed at infusing health, vitality, and mindfulness into the workplace. At Kinect, we believe everything is interconnected as a multiverse of subsystems and ecosystems as it pertains to our mind, body, soul, nature, Earth, and universe.

Our services are diverse, curated, and relevant. We emphasize how to deal with body awareness, movement, breath-work, meditation, gut health, hydration, sound healing, myofascial release and trigger point therapy with tools to empower you to better live in this modern, stressful world. 

Group Classes & Events: Experience the magic of community healing with our self-massage, yoga, meditation, sound healing classes and exclusive wellness events.

Tailored Wellness Programs: We provide programs specifically designed to cater to each employee's needs.

Interactive Tutorial Videos: Learn the art of self-massage, understand  hydration, plant based medicine, and discover the pillars of gut health and nutrition.

1-on-1 Coaching: Get personal with our expert-led coaching sessions, in our many services.  

Resourceful Written Guides: Dive into a treasure trove of written resources that enlighten, inform, and motivate. 

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, Kinect strives to fill the gaps between the business of home and work life. Kinect offers an educational and interactive platform so you can stay connected to your tools no matter where you are.

Kinect with us!