Life Coaching

Live the Life of Your Dreams with Intention and Purpose

What is "life coaching"? Is it therapy? No... it has some similar effects, however therapy is speaking on the past where as life coaching speaks into the present, in order to create the future you intend to create. It is digging deeper on your current state of circumstances and how to navigate through with a coach, where you will explore the way your perspective shapes your reality. We discover what is getting in your way, any blocks, what your blind spots are, how to shift into your greatness and use tools that will bridge the gap closer from your personal and/or professional goals, faster.

A coach co-creates with you, asking you powerful questions in such a way that will bring forth your own ideas and create the desired outcome, or breakthroughs that can bring forth new possibilities and awarenesses in your life that have the power to propel you forward towards the life of your dreams. 

The specific type of coaching I do is called ontological, ecological, mindful coaching. This is coaching "your way of being", meaning how you are showing up and who you get to BE, in order to produce the results you say you want. There is a level of accountability and self reflection. As your coach, I am simply holding up the mirror for you to see your limiting beliefs and challenge them in such a way that will get you to your next level. 

For a complimentary 90-120 discovery call and how coaching can support you, please call (310) 853-3490 or email for more information. I invite you to step into the unknown of endless possibilities and YES to your full potential.